Instructions on How to Join SUP CLUB

REMEMBER to book and pay for your SUP CLUB place first via our online booking system found here

Once you have had confirmation of your place then proceed below


OPTION 1If you’re not sure about SUP Club we let you have your first session as a “trial before you buy” .

OPTION 2  If you have completed your trial or you want to take the plunge straight away and join sup club.

  • Before your first session as a club member you will need to fill out forms 1 and 2 below.
  • These forms will be automatically emailed and processed before your session

FORM 1 – Readiness to SUP Assessment

FORM 2 – SUP Club Membership

Each time you submit a form, we receive a secure email copy of all of your information which we keep on file (as this really helps us in the case of an emergency).